Balastar & Greg is a webcomic series created by Harvey Moreno (writer) and Derrick Utz (illustrator). The first strip is scheduled to release on Friday, January 1st, 2021. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun being released between now and then. Check out our regular submissions for Inktober 2020!

Welcome to the Dungeon

Beneath a decaying tower rests an ancient dungeon – a dungeon whithin which creepeth the creeps, slinkith the slinks, and somethingeth the somethings. It’s gross, trust me.

But this dungeon is called home by a great and powerful mage named Balastar. He roams the hallowed halls with his companion: a gelatinous cube called Greg. Actually, calling Greg his companion is like saying a dog calls his fleas companions.

Felled by greedy adventurers, Balastar slumbered in his library. There he painstakingly drew upon the energies of the Æther with but one goal:

I shall vanquish mine foes
to the end of their lines.
Curse and ruin and hangnails
for the rest of time!

It was during this slumber that an unsuspecting clump of slime glissaded over the near-corpse of the mage, and with hell for leather the body began to deliquesce.

Centuries later, Balastar is a prisoner within the gelatinous cube he Stockholmly calls Greg.

And new adventurers are exploring his dungeon…